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Confidentiality and Respect

The welfare of the child is paramount, no guarantees of secrecy or confidentiality can be given to information regarding a child as the child’s welfare and safety supersedes all other considerations. Information should only be passed to individuals who are in appropriate positions to safeguard a child’s welfare and safety. Information regarding children and young people should therefore be managed in a respectful, professional and purposeful manner. Confidentiality must be a priority for all persons involved in suspected poor practice, or the subject of a concern or an allegation of abuse within the club.

Shamrock Diving Club is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members. Every individual in Shamrock Diving Club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of Shamrock Diving Club and the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport ,the ‘Swim Ireland Guidelines for Safeguarding Children 2010’, the Swim Ireland Safeguarding policies section, the Swim Ireland complaints procedure,  or most up to date equivalents.

Club Ethos

  • Every individual in the organisation should at all times show respect and understanding for each member’s rights, overall development, safety and welfare.
  • Every individual should conduct themselves in a way that embraces the ethos and principles of Shamrock Diving Club.
  • Every adult member should be aware of their responsibilities and obligations in the welfare and protection of children.

Shamrock Diving Club Constitution

A full description of club policy regarding: Objectives, Affiliation, Memberships, Club Management, Voting Rights at General Meetings,  Election of the Committee Members, Annual General Meeting (AGM), Transfers, Finance, Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures, Cessation/Suspension/Expulsion of Membership, Dissolution, Criminal allegations and Data Protection, can be found in the shamrock-diving-club-constitutionIf you have any further questions please use the Contact Us form.